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Privacy Policy

Archieheaton.com is a site that brings very informative content for you and it covers all types of categories so you can come to one place for getting knowledge.

Privacy is a great concern of people and our site takes the best care of your privacy. The details or information that we collect and use is for some purpose and we don’t share it with other sites.

Before giving us the information we show you a page that explains our terms and conditions and you accept them as per your choice.

Privacy policy

Data collection:

The information that you provide us is for some reason. When you visit our site you provide us with your name, email, and contact details. And if you want to get yourself registered on our site you will give us some information willingly. Now let me explain to you why we collect that data.

  • It is collected for the sake of the reader.
  • Your information will help us to keep you updated with our most recent content.
  • Third parties ads that are of your interest are made available for you.
  • You can give us suggestions to improve our content that needs to be improved.
  • It helps us to send you emails about new content.

Cookies and third parties:

Cookies help to keep a record of your activity on our site and also update you with future details. Third-party ads are published on our site but we have different privacy policies than them, so before visiting them you have to read their privacy policy for keeping your data safe.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at amclicksteam@gmail.com.