If you are used to public speaking, this is a good option. As someone who has used podcasts, this is the biggest barrier to entry. No technical know-how or flashy recording equipment. From 2021 to 2022, he had a year-long podcast called Dream to Destination. It was a lot of fun, but it was hard. However, many travel podcasters make money online from their podcasting.

Sell your digital product

Affiliate marketing can only earn commissions or a percentage of sales. You get all the profit (and some commission) when you sell your products. For this reason, many bloggers are creating digital products such as e-books, printable trip planners, and travel guides. You can put your products on your website or build a mailing list to reach people interested in your content directly. Digital products are a great way to make money online as a blogger. Many bloggers use sites like Canva to create digital products. There is a free version, but the paid version is $13/month. Sign up for Canva here. Sites like Gumroad and ThriveCart are both great options for selling your products.

Sell Sponsored Links

Some companies will pay to include a website link in one of their existing posts. Suppose a post titled “best travel shoes” ranks as number one for him on page 1 of Google. A shoe company might see your post and pay you to link to its site. It only takes 30 seconds to insert a link into your post, making it much cheaper than a blog post dedicated to a specific niche or object. Fees vary depending on a number of factors but expect the link to cost between $50 and $100, although some bloggers charge more.

Sell your photos

If you’re a photographer, you probably take many photos for your blog – this could be an easy way to integrate an additional revenue stream. Add to that the free Sell Media plugin. Using social media channels is also a great way to get your photos noticed, which can lead to paid work and long-term partnerships. Using paid user-created content apps like TikTok and Instagram is a great way to earn extra income.

Join an Affiliate Marketing Program

First, what is affiliate marketing?

When you recommend products, restaurants, or great books to others, you may do affiliate marketing without knowing it. Affiliate marketing is promoting hotels, tours, car rental companies, travel products, etc., on your website. Then insert affiliate links to those products, sites, or services. I make an affiliate sale when someone buys something from my affiliate link. I earn a small commission for these referrals and sales on my blog, but these commissions can stack. I made over $160,000 ($163,706, to be exact) from his affiliate marketing in 2023. We will tell you exactly how to get keywords for affiliate marketing.

What is the best affiliate marketing network for travel bloggers?

Most travel bloggers sign up with affiliate networks that are relevant to their area. However, common categories include hotels, tours, car rentals, and travel insurance. My blog is in the travel space of Mexico, so I work with travel agencies in Mexico, hotels in Mexico, car rentals in Mexico, travel guides in Mexico, travel products in Mexico, and more.

How long have you been doing affiliate marketing?

More: Combining the above companies, my affiliate income in 2023 was $163,706. In 2022, I earned 5,217 affiliate income in one year and 32 times more in one year. We attribute a large part of our current success to Laura from Your Journey Blog Scale to Six Figures and her one-on-one blog coaching. But without a doubt, I succeeded because I worked hard and worked smart. I also teach courses on this topic, including my most popular course, How to Find Affiliate Marketing Keywords. In it, I’ll show you how to find keywords that earned over $160,000 in affiliate marketing.

Enter your YouTube channel

Many travel bloggers (video bloggers) like Hey Nadine and The Bucket List Family make a lot of money with their travel videos on YouTube. To apply for the YouTube Partner Program and monetize your channel, you need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of views in the last year.

Act as a VA for other travel bloggers

VA stands for Virtual Assistant, which means you can work anywhere. This is an excellent introduction to the digital nomad lifestyle and location freedom that many travel bloggers seek, and it adds real value to you as you learn about blogging from the pros. To find a travel blogger virtual assistant job, sign up with UpWork or Fiverr, or join her blogging group on Facebook to offer your services. I see successful bloggers always adopting VA, like someone in some of these Facebook groups. How much money you make as a VA depends on your skills. Suppose you have the key skills other travel bloggers look for (social media management, SEO-optimized travel articles, affiliate marketing, Google Analytics, etc.).

Use your blog to get freelance work

Whether you’re considering a VA job or a freelance job, a blog is a great way to showcase your unique travel style. This should motivate you to create even better content, as you can use your blog as a sales tool. If you also take photos and videos, your blog seamlessly integrates with your social media accounts. Travel bloggers who see your blog, Instagram account, etc. and like it may want you to do the same and hire them as another candidate.

What is the average income of a travel blogger?

There is no average amount for making money from a travel blog. This is like asking what the average singer earns. Adele earns a lot more than the local wedding singer. Similarly, there is no answer for travel blogger income. We have several income reports and salary articles for travel bloggers, so we know that The Blonde Abroad and One Step 4 Ward are over $1 million a year blogs. In 2017, Nomad Matt made multiple of his six-figure numbers, but he must be running a $1 million+ travel blog these days. However, some bloggers make $0. When he got serious about monetizing his blog, he decided that one day he would hit seven figures and started taking steps to make it happen. For example, invest in the best travel blogging courses you can find.

Earning Potential for Travel Bloggers?

Is this travel blogger income, or are blogger incomes higher? Running this blog (and my other blogs Solo Mexico Travel, Travel to Merida, Travel to Oaxaca, and Tulum Travel Secrets). If you work 40 hours a week, you can make a lot more money than you do now. In short, you set your income cap if you’re a small business owner (yes, a blogger!).

Final Thoughts: How to Make Money Online with a Travel Blog in 2023

There are many ways to make money blogging, but the best travel bloggers do many things simultaneously. One thing to remember about travel and blogging is that it takes time to get there. The top-paid travel blogger with over $1 million in income, he blogged for over a decade before seeing those numbers. To make money online as a travel blogger, you have to stay for a long time. From my personal experience, I have seen no income for over a year. It wasn’t much when the money finally started coming in, but I kept going. In his third year of blogging in 2023, he had an income of $272,175. My 2023 goal for him was $250,000, and I sent it.
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