People do a lot of searches on google but there is one thing that people search a lot. People google the full form of different abbreviations. Literally, this is the most searched thing and it also confuses people because sometimes they find a lot of full forms of a single abbreviation. But today we will talk about one specific abbreviation and its full form. I will tell you the CPU full form and then all details related to that full form. You have to stick to this article till the end to enhance your knowledge. So let’s start with the details.

CPU full form:

The CPU might have many other full forms but in terms of technology, the full form of the CPU is the Central Processing UNit. A computer is an electronic device that helps you to do your work in less time. Without a CPU your computer cant function.

Importance of CPU:

CPU full form is the central processing unit that is the most important part of a computer. You might have known the CPU with other words such as chip, processor, main processor, etc. CPU is also a very important component of other electronic devices. It gives commands to the computer to maintain the programs inside the computer.

Components of CPU:

You might have seen CPUs in different sizes and shapes. They can be physically different but all CPUs have the same three components. These components are 

  • Control Unit

This is a very important part of the CPU that controls a lot of activities. You can say that it is the backbone of your computer because it controls a lot of activities. 

  • Memory Unit 

It is present in the CPU as registers and this part stores the data and input.

  •  Arithmetic Logic Unit

It also plays a very crucial role as it controls complex systems such as math, logic, and other decision-making. 

Working of CPU:

The full form of the CPU is important for everyone to know because it is a key part of the computer.  It does most of the processing for your computer. It helps to give the computer a command to control the program inside the computer. CPU can perform various tasks at one time. All the basic and complex programs such as arithmetic are controlled by the CPU. it is also connected with other parts of the computer so it becomes easy to communicate and perform all tasks immediately.

Functioning of CPU:

There are four operations that will help you to explain the whole functioning process. Let’s have a glance at them.

  • Fetch 

This step helps to receive CPU different commands from RAM.

  • Decode

The received information is decoded to check which part of the computer can help to solve the problem. CPU decoded the information with an instruction decoder.

  • Execute 

When the CPU activates all parts of a computer to perform any task it gets executed after activation.

  • Write 

The results are then sent to the memory to store that information.

Types of CPU:

CPU full form is the Central Processing Unit and it has three main types. These are transistor-type CPUs, Small and Large Scale Integration CPUs. There are different multi-core setups that are installed in a single computer. The dual core has 2 cores, the quad core has 4 cores, the hexa core has 6 cores and the octa core has 8 cores.

Other full form of CPU:

CPU full form:

1- Central Policy Unit

2- Central Police University 

3-Clark Public Utilities

4- Columbia Pacific University

5- Cost Per Unit

6- Core Processing Unit

7- Computer Part Unlimited

8- Corporate Protection Unit

9- Clever People Understand

10-Common Part User

11- Computer Power Use

11- Control Pointing Unit

12- Chemical Protective Unit

13-Cute People United

14- Custom Processing Unit

15- Ceramic Public Urinal


CPU full form is the Central Processing Unit that is a very important part and controls; many important functions and activities. It is the backbone of your computer and all the important details about it are shared above. Hope you like it.

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