Every country has customs offices that play an important role in processing international orders. Sometimes you get a tracking status about ISC Chicago IL (USPS).

If you are getting this for the very first time then you don’t need to worry about it at all. This status is mentioned on those orders that have arrived from some other countries. Today we will discuss this topic in detail and you will get all the answers related to it. So let’s see the details.

What is ISC Chicago IL (USPS)?

ISC Chicago IL (USPS) is an International Service Center in Chicago and these centers keep your orders until they get verified. When your package enters the USA they notify you within a day and you will get an update daily.

But sometimes when you don’t get any update it means that your order is still in customs. It usually takes 48 hours to complete the process at customs. But the packages that are huge take time to get out of the plane and once it’s done they are sent to USPS. 

Mails and package status:

The mail can’t be scanned until the packages are not sorted because it is present inside the package. The package that has arrived at ISC Chicago IL (USPS) can be tracked when the barcode will get scanned. Some processes need to be completed before they go out for delivery.

It requires a lot of patience to receive your parcel as the mail sorting process is time taking and to reach the final destination you have to wait for flights. The tracking will tell you that your parcel is there but sometimes it is not confirmed.

Is ISC Chicago IL (USPS) holding your order or it is stuck?

The work at USPS is really fast and they release packages within 72 hours but there must be issues that can delay this process. If it’s been a week and you haven’t got your package then you can assume that your order is stuck or on hold.

The procedures that are necessary at customs take time in releasing your package but you don’t need to worry about it. ISC Chicago IL (USPS) will spoon update you within a few days but if you still want to know about details then you can call their customer service.

Why do packages get stuck or don’t receive updates?

There are many reasons behind it. But the main reason is that when your package arrives at ISC Chicago IL (USPS) they found something risky inside it or there must be an issue in Ramp reports once this matter is resolved your order will be soon out for delivery so you don’t need to worry if your package is free of suspicious things.

Should you be concerned about your package getting stuck?

You get an update that your parcel is stuck at ISC Chicago IL (USPS) which might upset you. But you need not worry because they take care of your parcel and do not damage anything.

They just check it deeply to clear their doubts and then send it for verification. you can get this update again and again then be patient because it will be cleared soon and reach your destiny.

ISC Chicago IL (USPS) contact details:

If you have any queries about your packages or you are worried about delayed parcels then you can easily contact them to inquire about details. 800-222-1811 is their contact number. Moreover, you can also connect with them on Facebook and check their posts about delayed parcels.


ISC Chicago IL (USPS) is the best-known posting service in the Midwest and parcels that are supposed to go out of the country or come from out of the country will have an email such as processed by ISC.

Your parcels and mail are checked and scanned at Chicago customs and then get ready to be delivered in America. Customs gets involved in this process just for safety purposes so you don’t need to worry about anything because after all verifications you will get mail or mail package.

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