The laptop is a basic need for every working person whether he is a professional or a student. Choosing the right laptop for you is really confusing. People prefer a laptop that has all the necessary features and that is easy to carry. For all purposes, an OWS laptop is the best choice because it is very easy to carry and people will get all the important features in it. I will explain all the details about this laptop. You just have to stick to this article till the end. Now let’s start with the details.

What is an OWS Laptop?

OWS laptop is a high-performance laptop that is very cheap. You might have heard about the OLPC program that aimed to give one laptop per kid. The device is designed with the most recent hardware and software. You can carry them with much ease as they are lightweight. The structure and functions of the laptop is super amazing that making it the number one choice of people.

Features of OWS Laptop:

These laptops are mostly used in developing countries and there are numerous characteristics of these laptops. I am gonna highlight some of them one by one.

  • They are lightweight and portable 

OWS laptop is ultra-portable because of their low weight. They usually weigh 2.44 pounds. 

  • They have long battery timing 

The most important thing to note in any laptop is its battery timing. People get attracted to laptops that have long battery timing. This laptop has great battery timing. If you have charged it once it can work for 12 hours straight. Moreover, in half an hour it can charge up to 50 percent.

  • Affordable prices

Prices are also a very important aspect to note. Not every person can afford expensive laptops. These laptops are also very affordable. The reason these laptops are made cheaper is that they want to help students. 

  • Easy to use

These laptops have a great user interface. You will get all the important applications on this device. Word processors and web browsers are available on these laptops. 

Functioning and construction of these laptops:

It is made with sturdy material so it can survive drops. This is a very impressive feature for underdeveloped nations. If we talk about the working of these laptops then these are very quick to function. you can run multiple programs in these laptops. If your area doesn’t have good internet services then it might cause problems for you.

Hardware and Operating System:

You must check the details about the hardware of any laptop before using it. These laptops have 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage with intel atom 5-Z8350 CPU. These things are so amazing and expensive laptops come with such features. If we talk about the Operating System then these come with windows 10 operating systems or Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Use of Bluestacks for OWS Laptop:

As this is an android laptop and to run it on a PC will need an android emulator for that purpose, Bluestacks is an amazing option. For getting the PC version to follow the given steps.

  • You first have to find the Bluestacks once you find it then download it.
  • The second step is installation and for that, you will click twice on the setup file that you will find in the download folder. It will start to install bluestacks.
  • Now you have to launch the blue stacks. In your search field type OWS.
  • You can now use the OWS app by clicking on its icon.

Why choose the OWS laptop?

Because it contains all the important features that are present in an expensive laptop. You will get a potent processor in this laptop, hardware and software are excellent and battery timing is also amazing. These characteristics can motivate you to buy this amazing laptop.


OWS laptop is made especially for economically low countries to support their students. They are easy to use and have all features and are pocket friendly. I have mentioned all the important details about it. I hope you like them.

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