Gnomes have been on a roll for the past few years, but their popularity has skyrocketed in the past year. I’ve seen gnomes on everything from socks to duct tape, and that’s definitely a factor. I played with them and thought it was a good example. I’ve always wanted to make my own gnome, but I was shocked when I logged into my Pinterest account and saw how many gnome-making tutorials I had saved on my Christmas board. There are so many great concepts out there, I thought I would share some of my favorite Christmas gnome-making tutorials with you. I hope this makes you want to make one too!

What to watch out for when making your own Christmas gnomes

  • If sewing isn’t your thing (and I don’t think it is), pick up one of these simple Gnome patterns for beginners. I’ve been making them for years, and they are so versatile!
  • Take your time. You won’t become an expert right away, and many tutorials require two or three tries.
  • Felt is a very soft fabric. If you make a mistake, you can cut it off so no one will notice. 
  • Each donut is unique. You don’t have to feel limited with these DIY Christmas Gnome tutorials. They offer their own variations and new vacation Gnome concepts. 

High-Quality Furry Issues.

If I can give you my best advice for making Gnome, it’s to choose high-quality fur. Believe me, the problem does exist.

Fur used in crafts is beautiful, but high-quality fur can make a gnome look amazing. My favorite is Mongolian long-haired fur, which looks and feels irresistible. Another favorite is embossed fur, which can be found at most needlework stores.

Christmas Gnome Decor Tutorials

Gnome Ornaments.

Each one has a different look, but they are all very cute. These ornaments will look great on your Christmas tree or on a gift.

  1. The Sarah of Ruffles and Rain Boots gnome ornament comes with a wooden coin base. I really like the beard shading.
  2. Leah from Craft Your Life shows us how to properly make this adorable pom-pom garden gnome.
  3. Jessica from Back to Almond Road takes us to step by step through how to make this charming Scandinavian gnome.
  4. Tawny from Tawny Everett made this ornament using completely different-sized wooden beads. I really like the hat element. Margie from Ashbee Design made this beard in yarn. I love the feel of it!

Christmas Gnomes

  1. There are many ways to make a gnome. By simply changing the size and shape of the beard or hat fabric, you can drastically change the gnome’s appearance.
  2. Love Our Real Lives, made a gnome out of socks and rice. Some of them have little hands, which I really like.
  3. Agnes from Just That Perfect Piece showed us how to properly make a gnome with white horns! Very creative.
  4. Michelle from Crafty Morning used a green wooden mop to make a Gnome beard. Awesome!
  5. The little ball at the end of Adrienne’s Gnome on Crafty Little Gnome gives the Gnome a special personality.
  6. Sandy from Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts created these little guys using her felting technique. I really like her materials and they are very easy to work with.
  7. Made In a Day made these festive gnomes from foam cones. Look at those little eyes, so cute. Christmas craft ideas include mini embroidery hoops for Christmas decorations and a rustic Christmas card holder.

Christmas Gnome Decor Tutorials

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Elf Pillow.

  1. Pillows can bring a touch of Christmas to a room. 
  2. Melissa from Polkadot Chairs provided a free sample of her Christmas Gnome pillow. I really like the pink and white test material she used.
  3. Kippi at Home showed us how to properly make a Nordic Gnome applique pillow. I love that she has female gnomes and also that each hat has a pom-pom.

Pineapple Wine Bottle.

This bottle of wine would be a great gift for the host family.

  1. Steph from A Little Moore has a tutorial for making a gnome for a wine bottle and a printable label to boot. Patti from Hearth & Vine uses curly doll hair for these kids’ beards, giving them a unique look.
  2. Live Laugh Kelly from Rowe used felt to create these adorable wine hats.

Other Gnome projects.

  1. Sarah from Ruffles and Rainboots made this amazing Gnome Christmas wreath. Be sure to check out her blog! Her gnomes are amazing. 19.
  2. Amanda from 19. A Few DIY Shortcuts did her best to show us how to properly make a green Christmas gnome. What a hilarious solution to a development problem.
  3. 20. Heather from Sprinkle Bakes showed us how to properly make a delicious Mint Gnome Christmas Cake.

Finally, don’t forget to find discount codes on which have lots of great deals you can use to save money when decorating for Christmas.

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