Getting customers through the storefront signs is crucial for a store, and having good exterior signs is a top way to make that happen. It’s about catching the eye of people passing by, whether walking or driving. Signs also tell customers what your business is all about. So, if you’re starting a new business or boosting your current one, using the latest trends in signs can make you stand out and show you’re keeping up with what’s new. 

Here are some trends for exterior signage in 2023 that can help you attract new customers and show your innovative and creative skills.

Sustainable Signage:

Sustainable signs are made from materials that are good for the environment, like wood, cardboard, and bamboo. Some signs, such as those made from aluminium and acrylic, can also be recycled. There are options without PVC, a type of plastic, for outdoor and indoor signs, banners, and graphics on walls and windows. 

Choosing eco-friendly signs shows that a company cares about the environment. It makes a big impression on customers who care about a company’s values and practices when deciding where to shop. Being into sustainable signs also means having a company culture that cares, with initiatives like ‘zero to landfill’ (meaning nothing goes to waste), teaching employees about the impact of signs and business actions on the environment, and taking steps to keep environmental promises at every level.


Digitisation trends are all about making things easier for customers. It helps customers directly send their designs to sign manufacturers and talk about how they want things printed online. This means customers can scan and upload their documents and images, making sure they get high-quality results that match what they have in mind. Thus, simplifying the whole process makes it easier for manufacturers and customers to work together and communicate well, providing customer satisfaction. 

Holographic ads:

While hologram technology has been around for some time, it hasn’t been widely used in advertising due to its high cost. However, as the technology becomes more affordable and efficient, it’s only a matter of time before holographic ads become a common sight. Companies that embrace this trend early on stand to gain significant benefits. Holographic ads offer a three-dimensional aspect that sets them apart, ensuring they capture attention with a distinctive “wow” factor that traditional ads may lack. As the technology becomes more accessible, the potential for innovative and eye-catching holographic advertising is on the horizon.

QR codes:

QR codes have become widely used in advertising and will likely remain a prevalent tool. They serve as an effective means of directing your audience to additional content. While people could manually type in a web address, scanning a QR code for direct access is much simpler. These codes function like website links, providing a convenient way to navigate content. Moreover, QR codes offer businesses valuable data on each advertisement’s performance. Rather than relying on guesswork, you can track real-time performance metrics. Unlike traditional “clicks,” accidental hits are minimised with QR codes. Scanning a QR code requires intentional action, making performance metrics more accurate. This technology not only enhances user convenience but also provides businesses with precise insights into their advertising effectiveness.


A well-designed sign aims to showcase your brand and convey its unique benefits. Advancements in printing technology have granted sign manufacturers the ability to provide clients with more personalised options, offering greater flexibility in design and formatting. This evolution enables businesses to highlight their products by integrating brand-centric graphics and logos into their signs. Thus, in response to the growing demand for personalisation in 2023, businesses invest in their personalised signage to keep up with their competitors.

Minimalistic signs:

Simplicity in signage—adopting a minimalist approach—has a significant impact. Customers often prefer concise information and can deduce much independently. Hence, an effective sign typically only requires the business name, presented in an appealing font, and a unique logo. This streamlined approach is gaining popularity, recognising the power of clarity.

For well-established shops and brands, minimalist signage proves incredibly important. It communicates a powerful message: “Our significance speaks for itself; we don’t need extensive explanations.” This resonates, especially with regular customers already familiar with the business. Additionally, signs overloaded with text or numerous images risk appearing cluttered. This visual congestion may obscure the business name and logo, contradicting the purpose of having a clear and visible sign. As businesses recognise simplicity’s value, minimalist signage efficiently conveys essential information and contributes to a visually appealing and memorable brand presence.

Thus, in 2023, it is crucial to collaborate with a signage company in Toronto that provides graphic design services, which is an ideal way to guarantee the utmost effectiveness in your branding. We at Signage Depot have the expertise to create clear and elegant branding that resonates with your potential customers while effectively conveying your message.


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