Businesses flip to social media platforms like Instagram, and Snapchat to put it on the market their products and services, and for correct reason.

A large percent of Internet customers frequently cross on social media networks and this percentage is expected to grow.

Running a contest is one of the high-quality approaches a commercial enterprise can use social media systems to connect with their audience, improve awareness for their emblem, and generate real fee from their fans.

Most contests hosted on social media are honest and easy to start and run. However, there are numerous one of kind kinds of social media contests to choose from. Most of that are distinguishable by using the manner of access.

You have to keep in mind the blessings and disadvantages of every type of contest to make sure yours will generate the proper form of hobby and cost to your business.

The four most common styles of contests on social media are:

  • Comment to Win Contest – The “Comment to Win” contest is a awesome desire for manufacturers which are trying to incentivize engagement on their social profiles. The winner is randomly decided on from all the people who touch upon a social media put up.

Use Instagram Comments

Even although the “Like to Win” contest is by using a long way the very best to installation and run, we inspire COMPRARSEGUIDORESARGENTINA clients to head for one of the options that include commenting as a part of the entry necessities.

Why? Let’s check some of the benefits…

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The Benefits of Running a Comment to Win Contest

Easy to Set Up

A “Comment to Win” contest is straightforward to set up. All you need to do is proportion a hyperlink, photograph, video, or maybe just a status update on social media.

Your submit need to consist of:

  • The rules of the competition in addition to the closing date for coming into.
  • A clear call-to-action, which include “Leave your solution within the feedback for a threat to win.”

Example of a name-to-movement for a competition in an Instagram publishes.

  • The prize that you’re providing – select a prize that is fairly precious to your best customers. You would preferably include the prize in your picture or video as well:

A progressive manner of showing a contest prize in an image.

  • The number of winners you propose on choosing – this will depend on the cost of the prize and the scale of your target market. Generally, in case you best have one prize on offer then it may deter human beings from getting into due to the fact they’ll feel as if they don’t have any chance of winning.

That’s all you need to do to have your “Comment to Win” contest up and strolling.

Easy to Enter

If this fashion of social media contest is easy to set up, then it’s even less difficult to go into. All participants need to do is touch upon your put up for the chance to win, it will take them no greater than 30 seconds.

As a result, those styles of contests generally tend to attract a tremendous quantity of participation from lovers.

You can prefer to allow fans to remark with whatever they want or you can ask them to answer a query or prompt.

For example, in case you sell watches, you can submit pictures of a spread of your watches and ask your enthusiasts to remark with which watch they like the most.

Each comment can serve as an entry to win an eye.

Of course, you may experience the advantages of drawing interest for your emblem and your products in addition to recognize greater about which product your lovers just like the most.

Focused on Engagement

“Comment to Win” contests are constructed for high engagement ranges. By design, they encourage users to actively engage with your social media post by commenting.

This elevated engagement and interaction among customers creates momentum for the competition and might ship it viral.

For instance, this contest from Niman Ranch, a brand with best 7.5k fans on Instagram, has 3.7k remarks and 1.3k likes!


Another gain of the “Comment to Win” contests is that they may be set of rules-pleasant. What I suggest with the aid of this is that the social media algorithms on Facebook and Instagram reward posts that have excessive engagement tiers.

Facebook will show posts with extra interaction in addition up in the News Feed and on a greater normal cadence.

Instagram, however, gives prominence to famous posts of their seek:

There is a tipping point wherein a post takes lifestyles of its own, it receives picked up by using the algorithm and before you realize it, it is going viral. This is the plain strength of “Comment to Win” contests.

Designed for Insights

The very last advantage of “Comment to Win” contests is the insights they are able to offer your logo. The watch example I used earlier is a superb illustration of this.

By asking customers to vote for the goods they just like the most by way of commenting, you’re accumulating valuable records from your best potentialities.

You can adapt future contests for that reason and even have an effect on product development in a course you in no way idea viable.

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