For Kids Drawing diversity and variety within the animal world are astounding. Animals appear in various sizes and shapes, ranging from tiny insects to the enormous blue whale.

Tiger Drawing Tutorial

Fearsome tigers are among those creatures that manage to enjoy greater popularity than others. With its intimidating roar and stunning coloring, this amazing predator attracts attention. For Kids Drawing prompts many animal fans to wonder how they can learn how to draw a tiger.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve been wondering the same thing! You’ll see how simple and enjoyable drawing a tiger can be with the help of this step-by-step tutorial!

Starting a Tiger Drawing: Here we go!


  • The first ear and side of the head will be our starting point for this first stage in our tutorial on drawing a tiger.
  • To start with the ear, you can draw it with a curved line with a sharp point to indicate that the ear is quite furry. For further clarification, there will be another angular line inside the ear.
  • The top of the head and some stripes will be built using more curved and sharp lines in the last step.
  • Although it might seem difficult, there shouldn’t be any issues if you follow the instructions carefully.


  • As you will only mirror what you did in the previous stage, this second section of your tiger drawing should be easy to complete.
  • Using the reference image and your drawing, you can attempt to make this right-hand side of the head look exactly how the other side did.


  • Next, proceed with the remainder of the visage.
  • You can now begin to sketch the bottom half of the tiger’s face after drawing the top of its head.
  • This area of the face has many intricate details, so you could follow the same method as the last step in this section of our how to draw a tiger tutorial.
  • You could commence with one side and then mirror it to achieve that symmetry. In this step, don’t include the tiger’s menacing eyes.


  • After that, sketch the tiger’s head’s sides.
  • Let’s ease up on this tiger drawing’s initial steps to make it easier for this section.
  • To create the furry sides of the head in this stage, draw some jagged lines on the sides of the face. You are now prepared to continue since this step is complete.


  • Now, you can draw the snout and muzzle
  • This stage in our tutorial on drawing a tiger is also a little easier than the previous ones.
  • For the tiger’s slender snout, use some curved lines; for the detailing on the muzzle, use some tiny, jagged ones.
  • The Feds.


  • In the following section, we have another easier stage for your tiger drawing. This process aims to give the tiger’s muzzle some whiskers.
  • This can be accomplished by stretching several short curves from the lines in the muzzle. We still need to add a few more details after you’ve finished these before you color your image.


  • Sketch the final elements.
  • In this tutorial on sketching a tiger, it’s almost time to start adding some amazing colors, but first, we have some last-minute details and components to add.
  • To create the furry base of the tiger’s visage, draw some more jagged lines along the bottom of the face. The tiger’s ears can then be finished by including a few minor features.
  • That concludes the details in this guide, but since this is your drawing, you can add more information if you like.
  • You could add a background, more of the tiger’s torso, or any other design features you might desire.


  • Finish off your tiger sketch with some color
  • You can mimic the stunning color scheme that tigers are known for using in this area of your tiger painting!
  • As you know, tigers are mainly bright orange, black, and white, so we chose this palette for the reference picture. Many methods exist to add variety, even if you stick with these more realistic hues.
  • Depending on your style, you can try various art mediums and use different shades and tones of these colors to create some color texture.
  • We’re eager to see how you’ll animate this picture with color and other artistic mediums!
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