The Choir of Man is a musical tribute to pubs, complete with a real-working bar on stage. It was written and directed by Nic Doodson and Andrew Kay. Other credits include musical supervision and vocal arrangements by Jack Blume, choreography by Freddie Huddleston, and Ben Norris’ monologues. The production also features a set designed by Oli Townsend, lighting by Richard Dinnen, costumes by Verity Sadler, and sound by Sten Severson.


The Jungle is a pub in “The Choir of Man.”

This musical is an uplifting celebration of the pub culture. Set in a pub called ‘The Jungle,’ the show is not a straight story but focuses on the importance of the public house in a community and the many souls that pass through its doors. It picks up on the idea that stories are often born inside a pub and that these stories can live on long after the hangover.


The story is in an old-fashioned pub, The Jungle, with sticky floors, rickety tables, and stained beer mats. It also features an upright piano. Ben Norris, the narrator, introduces the show, which begins with a rendition of the Guns & Roses anthem.


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The production’s cast has been announced for its upcoming return to the West End. Ben Norris is set to lead the show as The Poet, with Michael Baxter playing The Maestro. Other notable members of the ensemble include Owen Bolton and Jordan Oliver. The show’s director, Nic Doodson, was previously the director of the award-winning Soweto Gospel Choir and has produced shows at major arts festivals worldwide.


Michael Baxter plays ‘The Maestro.’

The Choir of Man musical is a feel-good spectacle that has played to sold-out audiences for three seasons at the Sydney Opera House. It has also enjoyed US and European tours and was nominated for an Olivier Award for Best Entertainment or Comedy Play. The show features classic hits from all genres, including the Beatles, Queen, and Luther Vandross. Foot-stomping choreography ties together the energetic live music. The cast includes nine male singers and a musical director who play ‘The Maestro.’


Although the show has no real plot, it is filled with memorable tunes. The songs range from traditional ballads to classic pop songs, as well as those sung by Adele and Sia. There are also some hilarious numbers and classic singalongs. The score is by Jack Blume. The show also features superb lighting, costumes, and sound design. The Choir of Man runs until 12 February 2023.


‘The Choir of Man is a musical that has gained worldwide acclaim. The cast includes world-class performers, many of whom have starred in global productions. They are also incredibly talented and fresh, making this musical a must-see for theater lovers.


Norris’ poetic monologues are a highlight of the show.

The songs are the show’s focus, but the production is also notable for Norris’ poetic monologues. Norris’ poetry reflects on the meaning of home and men’s emotional challenges. It’s a reminder of the suicide rate among British men. Although Norris’ poetic monologues are a highlight, the play’s narrative is lacking.


The cast of The Choir of Man Musical by Nic Dodson and Andrew Kay is remarkably strong, and the cast features a strong and talented ensemble. Among the cast are Andrew Kay, Jon Robert Hall, and Ginna Claire Mason. Other notable cast members include Angela Lansbury and Kristina Bailey.


Although The Choir of Man Musical by Nic Doosdson and Andrew Kay doesn’t have an overarching narrative, it features a varied song selection. The show features songs from Adele’s “Hello,” Sia’s “Chandelier,” a Pina Colada song, and Ben Norris’ version of Luther Vandross’ “Dance With My Father.” Ultimately, The Choir of Man is a heartwarming and funny show, and the songs are a highlight of the show.


The cast recording is available on Spotify, iTunes, and other digital download platforms.

In the United States, the cast recording of The Choir of Man Musical is now available on iTunes and Spotify. The musical features an uplifting message of community and pride, with music by Adele, Guns & Roses, Avicii, and Katy Perry. The cast of nine ordinary men pulls pints from an on-stage pub as they sing and dance. The show has received critical acclaim worldwide and is currently on a six-month USA tour.


In addition to the cast recording, the album also contains two live streams. One was broadcast on Thursday, 16 April 2020, with Romany and David Gilmour performing. The live stream was captured by Polly Samson. The audiobook also includes an exclusive song from the acclaimed Los Angeles rock band The Longing.

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