Planning to give your creative business a tinge of 3D cartoon? Well, this article is for you if you are stuck with the budget sort of thing. 

3D animated cartoons have been produced for many years and many video production agencies are offering 3D animated cartoon services. While some cartoons are produced just for fun, others serve as promotional tools. 

In order to give them a more genuine aspect, 3D cartoons may also be developed utilizing 3-dimensional cartoon design tools in addition to pencil and sketchbooks. 

Since the price of 3D cartoon animations varies on who makes them and what sort of audience they are meant for, it is challenging to accurately predict how much an animation will cost. While some 3D animation is pricey, some might be less so.

A 3D animation video is made by a large number of individuals, but if you look closely at the 3D animation process of production, you’ll see that there are many more people involved than just the producer and directors.

From our perspective, it is crucial to inform our customers of the costs associated with 3D animation.

Let’s discuss this more!

Crucial Factors Affecting the Cost of a 3D Cartoon Animation Video 

After researching, we have concluded these crucial factors as:

Software and equipment used

Software for 3D cartoon animation are available in a wide variety, which explains part of the pricing variance. 

It may cost more per second to create the more complex 3-dimensional cartoons, but the final product will be a 3-dimensional animation that is so realistic it will appear as though the cartoon has just leaped off the monitor.

However, there are several 3D software tools available that may make 3D cartoons at a reduced cost per second for 3D animation if you are on a limited budget and need something economical to transmit your message.

The length of 3-dimensional cartoons can also be influenced by the 3D software utilized.

Level of complexity 

The richness of 3-dimensional models has an impact on the cost per second of 3D cartoon animation. 

Your animation video production prices may go up if you use 3D model blending, which combines several 3D parts to form a single 3-dimensional scene.

You could wish to utilize 3-dimensional software that is easier for 3d model compositing to help you decrease your cost of 3-dimensional animations and make it more reasonable for you in terms of 3D animation cost.

There are various 3D software tools available nowadays that can easily create a three-dimensional animation without spending a lot of money per second of your time. 

It can be difficult to locate someone with these 3-dimensional modeling and graphics talents.

Duration of the animation

The length of your 3-dimensional cartoons has an impact on the cost per second of 3D animation. Your 3D animation prices will increase as your 3D animations go longer since 3D modeling and processing need more time and work.

Try to limit 3-dimensional cartoons to 5 min or less if you desire a more straightforward 3-dimensional animated video with cheaper costs. This will enable you to lower the cost of 3D animation per frame and increase its affordability. 

You will pay extra per second if you choose something longer, such as 3-D animations that are 4 min or more. 

Art and design of 3D cartoons

As a 3D character’s degree of detail rises, creating a realistic setting for the character becomes more challenging. For 3D characters in animation to appear realistic, specific shaders, elements, and lighting are required.

To create a seamless image, a 3D character’s actions and postures must be flawless. Particularly when the image has to move a lot, this is true.

Each 3D Animation is thus made in a unique graphic style to effectively convey its intended response.

Cost of a 3D cartoon animation

3D animation is far more expensive than 2D or motion graphics animation. Some of the most well-known Disney films, like Frozen, cost $24,510 per second, which you won’t know. 

This shows that 3D animation is rather costly because several tools, methods, and skills are needed to create only one shot.

The price of each 3D animation video varies, however, as we have already covered the main elements that might affect the price of a 3D animation video. 

A 60-second 3D animated animation typically costs between $15,000 and $20,000. Nevertheless, a 3D animated animation that lasts for 30 seconds costs $5,000. 

A slightly elevated 3D animation video may run you anything between $20,000 and $50,000 per minute.

Use this chart to calculate the approximate number of hours required to generate any of the 3D animations as a preliminary step for planning your personal venture.

There are a number of factors to take into account when calculating manufacturing costs. Speak with a company representative to receive a more accurate pricing estimate for the animation.

In a Nutshell

A competent 3D animation company would charge around $800 per second to produce an illustrated product video demo including voice-over work and music. 

On the other hand, depending on who you hire to make it, if you just want a three-dimensional cartoon animation that does not include any features like music or song, it will be less expensive at about $100 to $200 per second. Do you prefer to spend more money per second of the video in exchange for a 3D cartoon animation with additional features? 

Just look for a competent 3D cartoon animation agency that can cater to your needs like BuzzFlick, they will give you the best 3D animation cost per second. They are the best in the business!

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