Las Vegas is one of the brightest cities in the United States. It is remembered for the scope of bright and luxurious buildings, attractions, an incredible number of casinos, and attractions that everyone should visit when coming to the city.

It is also possible to spend a weekend in Las Vegas in an unusual way. The city has hidden places, unconventional services, and entertainment for every pocket and soul. You can also register your marriage or break even at one of the casinos in the city that never sleeps.

Car rental in Las Vegas

If you are traveling in a small group, a 7-seater van rental is ideal for your trip. It is a combination of comfort and safety. You will not need to overpay, and the whole group will travel together, friendly and fun.

A 7-seater rent in the United States will meet all your needs. They are small and spacious. These cars have excellent specifications. They have a large trunk also with three seats in each row. 

Safe options of US van rental: Chrysler, Dodge, Kia, Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota.


Free paid events

After a short explanation about van rentals, which you should remember and not wait for public transportation in the heat or spend money on a cab, let’s tell you about the paid and free events in Las Vegas.


  • To save money, go to the Bellagio hotel with the largest musical fountain and exotic plants.
  • The Caesar Hotel also hosts unique daily fire shows. For lovers of adventure and stories about pirates, we suggest visiting the hotel-casino Treasure Island with sword battles against a model pirate ship. If you want to see a real volcanic eruption right in the middle of the city, you are welcome to the Mirage Hotel.
  • If you have never been to such iconic cities as Paris, Venice, or New York, you have this opportunity by visiting hotels with the same name as the cities mentioned above. In Venice you can take a gondola ride, in New York you will be greeted by the Statue of Liberty, and in Paris you will welcome a copy of the Eiffel Tower.


  • The Strip, the city’s main street of wonders. Grandiose hotels are open to passersby, dancing fountain shows, volcanic eruptions, and bright lights visible from space.
  • Car Show for Shelby, Mustang, and motorsports fans. Legendary brand, museum, and car showroom. Features about 50 cars from its founding in the 1960s to the present day. The free tour lasts about 2 hours. A lot of interesting facts about the history of creation, the brand, and the technical features of cars.

Payment sites


  • Just like in Paris, the Eiffel Tower of the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas (165 meters high) has an observation deck with the panorama city view and the surrounding area. It consists of 50 floors and has a French-style restaurant on the 46th floor.
  • We suggest visiting the Big Applee Roller Coaster, which is 82 meters high. Its second name is Manhattan Express. The roller coaster is open from 11 a.m. to midnight.
  • Walk through Red Rock Canyon and the Grand Canyon. This is a nature reserve where you can go hiking, choose one of the 26 winding trails with a total length of 30 kilometers, ride horses, and drive a car on a 21-kilometer-long ring road, reaching speeds of up to 56 kilometers per hour.
  • Adventuredome Park is located on the top floor of the Circus Hotel, under a pink glass dome. It is designed in the style of the Grand Canyon and covers an area of 20,000 sq.m. There are many figures of various species of dinosaurs on its grounds.
  • High Roller Ferris wheel. A very large Ferris wheel that everyone should visit! The cabins here are huge and the view is beautiful. There is a $10 discount from the Caesar Hotel, and the ride itself is 30 minutes.


Of course, this is not all the places, it’s a small part of what you will enjoy. Wherever you go on a tour in Las Vegas, you will get a lot of positive emotions, just try not to lose all your savi. And if you also rent a van to visit all the iconic places in Las Vegas, your trip will be interesting and memorable.


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